Pre sale NFT Crypto

To change the world, you have to start somewhere. We started in 2012 by creating a WEB 3.0 lab. As a result of research, it became clear that the Internet of the future is the Internet of Communities. For 10 years, thanks to the efforts of the developers and participants of our camps in Malta, we have tested projects and technologies that can change the world.

The basis of the changes are 4 rules

Don't LieDon't StealDon't DemeanDon't Limit The Freedom

These rules are the same for any person on Earth and pass unchanged through borders and religions, and their application allows you to create a new force in a hyper-connected world that can change people's lives.

The world is ready and waiting for change

We are starting to take action

Our task as a change starter is to create a community of 20,000,000 people worldwide to participate in international relations which will be on an equal footing with goverments / states.

Our work will take place in stages, first we will create a wave in social networks to promote the 4 rules, after that we will form teams of Representatives who are ready to develop and support communities in the world, we will introduce funding systems for communities, after that we will connect different communities into one coordinated force capable of influencing the world.

People will have the opportunity to influence what is happening in the world and independently determine their future without the help of elites and states.

To provide independent funding for the launch, our artists and developers created NFT Crypto. It is an image - a code that allows you to realize the intention of the 4 Rules.

NFT picture

In the center of the image is a circle which represents the basis of everything - peace and love Around our world, communities have been formed that reach out to 4 centers.

Spaceship - symbolizes those who explore the facets of the material world, learn its new horizons in space and the quantum world, introduce technology and give people material well-being.

Praying Person symbolizes those who explore the facets of spiritual life, learn other dimensions and vibrations, bring understanding of the power of the universe and God into our world.

The Tree is a symbol of harmony with the planet and natural balance, in which a person is a part of the world, and its nature will allow them to live a happy and healthy life.

Treble Clef - symbolizes art, subtle matters that create masterpieces in painting, sculpture, music and allow people to see, hear and feel the senses of other worlds.

Together they create one body of people and communities in the world who can find a common connection based on the four rules located in the corners of the image - Don't Lie, Don't Steal, Don't Demean, Don't Limit The Freedom.

The image code is made using English, as the most common language for understanding on all continents of the world.

Now you see the beginning, your participation is an investment in the future.

Thank You